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Ambit Mining has a track record and experience in running a successful mining operation. We have already constructed 1 MW diversified mining facility in Tbilisi Free Economic Zone, which has achieved 100% ROI in just 5 months. Building on this successful project, Ambit now aims to scale its operation to 20 MW and invites mining enthusiasts to join our mining family. Our experience in this field, helped us to secure partnerships with the leading hardware manufacturers and tech companies, which will allow us to run a successful and profitable mining operation.

  • Green Electricity

    All our mining units are powered by 100% renewable hydro energy, ensuring low cost and green electricity supply at only 5 cents per kW/h.

  • Location

    Our farm is located in Georgia, one of the most crypto friendly countries in the world, with abundant green electricity and favorable government regulations.

  • Experience

    Ambit mining has already constructed 1 MW diversified farm in Georgia, which generated over 1.3 mln profit per year, with this experience we aim to further expand our operations and to share the profits with the community.

  • Tax Free

    The mining farm is located in Tbilisi Free Economic Zone, which is a tax free area in Georgia. Meaning that operation will be exempt from majority of licenses, taxes and will benefit from the simplified procedures.

  • Technology

    Ambit Mining will partner with the major mining hardware manufacturers and will install cutting edge cooling and wiring solutions in order to optimize the costs and to ensure maximum profitability.



with existing

Strategically located at the crossroads of trade and commerce between East and West, Georgia is ideally positioned to access markets of Asia, Middle East, as well as Europe and the CIS countries. Nowadays Georgia is quickly adopting blockchain technologies, it is the first country to secure land titles on the Bitcoin blockchain, there are around 60 thousand ATM's were you can buy BTC and other major cryptocurrencies. There has been a rapid rise in producing Hydropower energy, which resulted in one of the most competitive electricity prices as cheap as $0.05 KW/h. The low energy price encouraged people to start mining in Georgia and the country quickly became one of the biggest producers of Bitcoin.

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Strategic partners

Technical Base

  • Token with Payouts

    Token holders will be entitled to the profit share from the Ambit mining and hosting operations, which will be paid out bi-weekly in ETH at pro-rata basis.

  • Risk Diversification

    Ambit provides an opportunity for diversifying the risks, by investing in the mining infrastructure. Since the farm will be mining using both ASICs as well as GPUs, the income is not dependent on a single coin’s performance.

  • Decentralized

    Ambit believes in a community driven business and decentralization, so 85% of the total token supply will be available for the public sale.

  • Ownership

    In case of sale of assets, such as ASICs or GPUs, when they become outdated, the proceeds will be paid out to token holders at pro-rata basis.

  • Voting Rights

    Token holders will have the voting rights, which means that they will be able to participate in certain business decisions, when it comes to innovation and improvement of our operations.

AMBT is a token with payouts, that entitles the token holders to the percentage share of the total profit of the mining and hosting operations, which will be paid out on bi-weekly basis. Allowing every mining enthusiast to become part and enjoy the benefits of the large mining operation.

Ambit Token

Token Sale Volume:

88 million AMBT

Token Issue Volume:

104 million AMBT

At Ambit, we believe in a community driven business and decentralization - the core idea behind the concept of cryptocurrencies. In order to stay true to these beliefs and the promise of decentralization, we decided to offer a vast majority of our tokens - 85% to the public, while the remaining 15% is split among team and advisors, company reserve and bounty campaign.

  • Token Holders 85%

  • Company Reserve 3%

  • Team & Advisors 9%

  • Bounty 3%

Charts of Return

Investment Amount:

BTC Price:



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Total Profit:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5




The above-mentioned model is an assumption of returns based on 25% reinvestment strategy for improvement and upgrade of equipment, in order to match the increasing mining difficulty over the next years. If the actual cost for upgrade is lower than 25%, the remaining sum will also be distributed as dividends. It also includes approximate costs of management, as well as the 15% of tokens that are not distributed. The actual figures can be different from the above-mentioned figures. This information should not be regarded as an offer or a solicitation to buy Ambit Tokens and is solely a forward-looking assumption.

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Miguel Palencia

Chief Information Officer at Qtum Foundation

Software engineer. He has 5 years experience in blockchain technology and 16 years experience in web development, block explorers & mining pools. He is a Former CTO of VeChain, and currently is an integral part of QTUM team.

Andrii Matiukhin

Chief Technical Director at Hacken

Andrei successfully managed complex technical solutions for dozen projects in several countries for commercial companies and Government Agencies, national Banks, Olympic Games. He has extensive experience in security and IT solutions.

Davit Mrelashvili

Region Lead: CIS & Eastern Europe of ZenCash

Davit is a seasoned business executive with and entrepreneur originally from Georgia. He has both MD and MBA degrees, and graduated from the Singularity University executive program. He has increased his involvement in future technologies and fintech, and is passionate about making the economy more individualized, efficient, and friction-free.

Nodar Kolmakhidze

Chief Investment Officer at Cindicator

8 years in Finance. 5+ years in trading and asset management. Master's degree in Finance. Black Swan catcher. Successfully shorted Russian market right before the Crimean crisis in February 2014, the U.S. stock market before the panic selloffs in August 2015 and January 2016, as well as before Brexit and Trump's election. Responsible for the development and implementation of new trading strategies.

Vasil Revishvili

Partner, CIO at Thales Investments

Former Partner at Vega Startup Lab - helped aspiring entrepreneurs to get two essential elements for successful startup – knowledge and the money.Former Deputy CEO, Asset & Wealth Manager at Bank of Georgia, the first Georgian bank which was listed on London Stock Exchange.

Daniel Espaillat

Entrepreneur/Cryptocurrency Investor/Bitcoin Enthusiast/ICO Advisor

Active Equity Partner to multiple Companies, Involved in Cryptocurrency since 2013 as an entrepreneur & investor. An advisor of multiple cryptocurrency startups.


Beka Vashakidze

Founder & CEO

Serial Entrepreneur & Blockchain pioneer in Georgia, CEO of BFgroup holding Company that operates in Cryptocurrency mining. Has been shareholder of the Companies operating in different industries such as Oil and Gas, Fintech, Digital Media and FMCG sector. Founder of the Youtube Channel: "CryptoCurrency Network" - CCN; online media channel with up to date information about Cryptosphere.
CCN became popular for its daily vlog about building the 1 Megawatt, diversified mining farm in the Free Economic Zone in Tbilisi.

Giorgi Inashvili

Chief Operational Officer

6 years of experience in a multinational FMCG company running various projects ranging from sales and logistics to marketing. Managed the allocation of the marketing budget of over one million GBP on yearly basis. Blockchain enthusiast and investor in cryptocurrencies. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, and project management. With a Bachelor of Arts (BA) majoring in Economics, from Macalester College.

David Kochiashvili

Lead Software Developer

Solidity developer, NEO Virtual Machine Architect with 2 years of crypto developing experience and More than 20 years of professional experience as of software Development. Senior Developer of TBC Bank, Constanta bank, Geocell; Expertise: BigData, Blockchain, software for Banking and Telecommunication.

Aleksey Kuksin

Software Architect

More than 20 years of experience in Software engineering and programing. Former Manager of Big Data Engineering at Nomis Solutions. Former Big Data Engineer at Motorola and former Software architect at Nokia Siemens Networks. Experience in working programming languages: [Scala, Java, C++, C, Go, Swift, kotlin, Python, ECMAScript, Solidity, Shell, R, SQL, HiveQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL].

David Gelashvili

Partner at BDO Georgia

Experience in advising clients on corporate matters, real estate issues, tax planning, labor law matters, as well as representing clients before respective courts and administrative bodies. He has been providing legal support in incorporation of entities as well as in merger and acquisition transactions. Activities include consultancy in the processes of obtaining licenses and permits for various business.

George Khmaladze

Chief Financial Officer

Chairman of the board of directors, the Georgian Association of Independent Accountants and Auditors. Director of Certification, Expertise Institute for Valuation of Assets of Georgia; Managing Partner, Director, Head of Auditing and Consultancy Service MGI Georgia, Top 20 ranked international network of audit, tax, accounting & consulting firms. Professor and Lecturer at Georgian Technical University.

Levan Nadiradze

Chief Project Manager

Over 20 years of experience of business development and consulting of various startups, ranging from IT Sphere to E-commerce and Finance. Has been an integral part off Intel and Kingston Technology teams in Caucasus region.

Tato Tsintsadze

Chief Energy Officer

Powering AMBIT Mining through sustainable and steadfast power sources. Chief Operations Officer at Hydro Energy Corp, currently managing 560MW Hydro Power Plant project with a total investment volume of $1.5billion. Track record of 11 years in the energy sector, ranging from policy-making, project management and construction, cross-border electricity trading, strategic development, and consulting.

Revaz Kuparadze

Marketing Strategist

Entrepreneur with experience in marketing, advertising and online research industries. Strategist and advisor in planning/developing marketing campaigns. Early supporter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

Zakro Gogolidze

Senior Web Developer

Certified Web Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and service industry. Working in a fast paced environment and producing a high volume of websites. I use technologies:
[C#, VB, C++, PHP, MySQL, HeidiSQL, Web3Js, NodeJs, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap 4, XML, HTML, CSS].

Tornike Sekhniashvili

Visual Specialist

Visual specialist at online crypto media channel CCN - CryptoCurrency Network. Highly skilled in telling the story through the artistic and technical decisions. Camera operation and other elements.

Lasha Nozadze

Digital Strategist

Experienced Digital Strategis with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Customer Service, Account Management, Sales, Strategic Planning, and Marketing Strategy. Google certified specialist in Adwords.

Technical Team

Ioseb Kistauri

Chief Technology Officer

Experienced IT specialist with over 10 years’ experience in the Technology industry. Always seeking improvements and the latest technology. Certified Philips Engineer of Ultrasound Technologies. Echosens Engineer and Application Trainer in Georgia.

Giorgi Jakonia

System Administrator

Professional System Administrator who participates in technical research and development to enable continuing innovation within the infrastructure for more than 10 years. Former System Administrator of Department of Environmental supervision in Georgia. Former Inspector of Particularly Significant affairs at Principal headquarter of Tbilisi, Georgia.